End of Life Care

Perhaps your pet is entering their twilight years, you are facing a serious diagnosis, or maybe you just have questions or concerns about end of life care. Whatever the reason, it is important and helpful to gather information and make some choices ahead of time. In this way, you can optimise the quality of life you and your pet share, and when the times comes to make the big decisions, they will be so very much easier for both you and your veterinary healthcare team.

To help you, we have a series of information sheets that you can read in your own time and when you are ready. They can help you assess your pet’s quality of life, explain to you the options that you will have towards the end, and help you through the grief process after a loss.

  • Quality of Life Assessment: this scoring system takes into account many aspects of your pet’s life to measure their quality of life, which can help you make treatment decisions
  • End of Life Planning: this guide explains the options available to you for euthanasia, care of your pet’s body afterwards, and suggestions for remembrance. We know how difficult it can be to think about these things ahead of time, but having a think now can save the stress of having to make so many decisions in the heat of the moment later, making the end much more peaceful for your pet and their family
  • Coping With Loss: this guide can help you understand all the complex feelings you might experience after the loss of a pet, and offers helpful suggestions for coping with them, including ideas for remembrance and where to find further support